18 August 2009

My Favorite Things #4

Crunchy crispy Wasa crackers, with peanut butter or tuna salad or just plain and unadorned. Looks like nasty cardboard health food. Tastes like GOOD.

Nature's Gate shampoo and conditioner. :) Part of the reason I like it is because of the great scents. I always go to the store and stand there smelling things for twenty minutes before deciding what to buy; it's my cheap version of aromatherapy, I guess.

Black picture frames (especially when they are cheap). Simple and classy whether with color or b&w photography. By the way, A.C. Moore always has a 50% coupon in the Sunday newspaper, which is helpful for framing. And last week JC Penny's had a lot of frames 50% off, so if you hurry you might still find some . . .

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