26 December 2008

Thankful EVERY Day: A Saviour Has Come

For love of His rebellious children and for His own glory, the Father sent His son to a rebellious world. The Son obediently humbled Himself, and the omnipotent Word of God entered His own creation as a weak, wordless, squalling baby boy. He died in our place, he rose in total victory, and the Spirit moved in the hearts of those He had chosen to receive Him . . .

. . . so here we are, two thousand years later, marvelling at the condescension of our suffering Saviour. Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to those on whom His favor rests. That's us.

Here's an interesting post from the Stand to Reason blog, on how we tend to misquote the angels and thus overlook God's particular grace to His people, something even evident at Christmastime.

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