24 December 2008

Talk About Revisionists...

What would Dr. Johnson say? Well, the author of our language's first real dictionary (a book full of witty and precise definitions) is probably rolling over in his grave. Just take a look at the latest atrocity perpetrated by Oxford University Press: a children's dictionary shorn of its "antiquated" words. These supposedly irrelevant words include goblin, kingfisher, monastery, radish, canter, and monarch. What?! Yes, and what's worse, the editors at OUP have replaced these lovely, meaningful portions of the English language with terms such as broadband, tolerant, celebrity, and cautionary tale.

No wonder we have ignorant, unimaginative children. No one teaches them about nature, or mythology, or history, or tradition anymore . . . goodbye, beauty and truth . . .

(HT: Reformation21 Blog)

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