13 November 2008

Thankful Thursdays: Convocation (and that which it represents)

Today was Fall Convocation 2008 at Hillsdale College. Essentially, we all dress up, congregate in a old beautiful church, watch the professors parade around in their academic regalia, give out the Daughtrey Teaching Award (which Dr. Jackson won, hurray!), listen to inspiring speeches, and remember why we came here in the first place: to learn. To pursue the truth humbly, eagerly, and thoroughly. To grow through our studies, learning how to glorify God and love our neighbor more and more every semester.

I am so grateful for a college of conviction, rooted in absolute truth.


  1. :-)

    The application went out yesterday. I'm so excited.

  2. Sweet! If I had any leverage in Central Hall, I'd go tell them to accept you and give you lots of money...but as I don't, I won't. I'll pray for you instead. ;o)