12 November 2008

An Accidental Addiction

So I'm definitely addicted to caffeine.
If I haven't had any within an hour of waking up, I get a headache, and without several cups of coffee or tea throughout the day, I'm even sleepier than usual. (Granted, it's the time of the semester when everyone is tired 24/7, but still.) Ironically enough, I didn't even try to get hooked on caffeine; it only happened because I was so cold, I started drinking coffee at every meal in Saga. Apparently, my brain got used to it and now cannot survive without said coffee. Blast.
I'm not planning to "go cold turkey," but cutting back to two cups of caffeine a day would be a start, yes?


  1. Defintely! =) I use to hate coffee and only drank it as a last resort...but working in barns in freezing cold weather taught me to appreciate it...especially if you put raw honey in it and half and half...yummy...focus, focus! it's also a perfect remedy for a migraine....except:
    you're right, drinking too much of it brings them on! =(
    I also know if I start drinking too much of it...it gives me the shakes!

  2. Whoa, raw honey? That sounds amazing! Must try...

  3. mmmm, the good old caffeine addiction. It's kind of funny, though... in all of my months of working in a coffee shop, I never quite got addicted. I think a couple of times I got a headache if I drank something with 4 shots of espresso and then had nothing the next day...
    Yeah, cutting back slightly will probably help. I don't think it's necessary to go cold turkey, and going decaf is just nasty. ;-)
    see you later!!!
    ~* Kiera