21 August 2008

Thankful Thursdays: Unhurried Schedules

Since I arrived in Hillsdale yesterday morning, I've had a lot of time for unpacking, arranging, and fun. After saying goodbye to my family and (sort of) tidying up my room, I spent a late evening with friends...laughing and cooking and playing games and just catching up on one another's summers. I don't think we split until sometime after midnight. However, I got to sleep as long as I wanted to this morning (no classes yet!) and then did a bit more to my room. It's still messy, and here's the only truly organized part of it:

Yep. The closet's the only presentable part. As soon as I finish setting up my room, though, I'll take pictures and post them! After I fiddled around with boxes and hangers for a while, I went to College Baptist Church, where there was a lunch for all the honors kids who got here early for a retreat. Nice to see everyone again. :) Now I am back in my room for another hour or so, and then heading out to Camp Michindoh for the retreat.

Here is Luke at lunch yesterday (a good and cheap Mexican restaurant near campus). I thought he was mature enough for college, but now I'm not so sure...

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  1. I think I was at that cheap mexican restaurant before!!!