23 August 2008

The Room

Here are a couple pictures of my room, now that I've finished messing with it.

Sink in the room; no running down the hallway to a communal bathroom.

Here's what you see as you enter.

Closer shot of the bed corner... and several of my precious posters. I've got at least four maps up on the walls! It makes me feel so cosmopolitan. lol

And this is my desk, laden with books and other very necessary paraphernalia. I'm glad to have my speakers back. :)


  1. You must have the knack (and experience) for organizing and decorating your dorm-room. It looks very confortable and, yes, somewhat cosmopolitan-esque! I like that cool organizer on your desk and all those natural toilette supplies by your sink!

    I'm sure you will have a fantastic year, but I miss you already!

    Love ya,

  2. glad to see you're still updating us! =) Hope you have a great year; love the room.

  3. Nice....
    what a touch!


  4. I really think that EA and I will pay you to come to Hillsdale with us next year to help us with our room. Wouldn't that be fun? :-)

    It looks amazing. I know you'll have a great semester.


  5. look at that nice big closet!! your room is lovely, and I admire the lack of clutter. : )