07 August 2008

Thankful Thursdays: Community

"The very fact that God, though singular in nature, is plural and societal in person, indicates that we should not view ourselves as isolated individuals who happen to exist in close proximity to others, but as. . .relational persons in community. . .so that what one does affects another, what one needs can be supplied by another, and what one seeks to accomplish may be assisted by another.

Living in isolation with the pretense of autonomy is, of course, 'the American way.' Our heroes are those rugged individuals like the Lone Ranger or Superman or Rambo who can do everything themselves and need no one's help. But when we insist on going solo, when the I-did-it-my-way syndrome strikes, we are rejecting God's plan for how we should live with one another. When we refuse to be in relationships of accountability and interdependence with one another, we are choosing to live in violation of God's created design."
--Dr. Bruce Ware, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

I'm grateful for a loving family who cares about what happens to me, and for loving friends who invest their lives into mine. They are all models of Biblical community and bring great glory to God as they seek to imitate His character!

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