29 June 2008

Words Worth Saying

I had my dear friend Julia over this weekend. What a joy it was to spend Friday evening and most of Saturday with her!

I'm taking this opportunity to honor you, Julia, for how carefully you choose your words and for how you seek to use them for others' good. You always have something worthwhile to say about the topic at hand. It's a credit to you (and to God's grace upon you) that I can say this: it is easy to have a "good conversation" when you're around. I never have to dig or prod; I don't have to invent deep conversation topics. You look for a deeper meaning behind everything you see, instead of skimming over the surface as our culture would have us do. Because of your hunger for truth, you can make connections and share insights about almost anything, from drinking coffee to choosing a church . :) My life is richer and more thoughtful because of your friendship. And so I thank God for you!

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