30 June 2008

Wilberforce on Selfishness

Some wise words from a wise man.

"However the external effects [of selfishness] may vary, the internal principle is the same. It is the despotism in each one to make self the great center and end of his desires and pleasures. It is the tendency to overrate his own merits and importance, and of course to magnify his claims on others and to underrate their on him. It is the disposition to undervalue the advantages and to overstate the disadvantages of his condition in life.

It is important to notice how much Christianity in every way is set in direct hostility to selfishness. . .One may almost say that the main object and chief concern of real Christianity is to root out our natural selfishness and to correct the false standard it would impose upon us. Christianity seeks to bring us to a just estimate of ourselves, and of all around us."
~William Wilberforce

. . . . .

Well it's many a day I've traveled a hundred miles or more,
But a baby boy with his whiskers on I never saw before.

Props to you if you can identify that song. :)

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  1. That's a great quote. I read a short biography of Wilberforce this summer. He was really remarkable. I know I could really learn from his passion. Also, thanks so much for your encouraging comments! I miss you, too!