20 August 2015

Family snippets

weeee can't stop me now
Zoe decided it was time to crawl. So she did. Merrily we roll along, at not-even-seven-months old, forsooth.

Ellie hasn't taken kindly to her sister's mobility, because now Zoe is in Ellie's face all the time, grabbing her toys and pulling her shirt and generally making a nuisance of herself. Since Ellie still believes that all the toys belong to her, she's greatly offended when Zoe crawls over to the basket and helps herself to matchbox cars without Her Royal Highness's permission. ("No Zoe! It's mine! You no touch it!")

But they are often sweet together. Ellie will plop a bowl on Zoe's head, announce "you have a hat!" and they'll both giggle. They play peek-a-boo. Ellie asks for Zoe to ride along on her tricycle, so I put Zoe on the back and hold her there as Ellie speeds around the dining room. When we go to the park I put them both in swings and push them by turns: Ellie chatters the entire time, demanding to go "faster and faster," while Zoe just stares and smiles.

Zoe grew a couple of teeth this month, which was an ordeal for everyone. She's still teething, in fact . . . to judge from her utter abandonment of routine, bellows of panic every time I leave her line of sight, and refusal to nap in the crib. (If you try to make her, she'll just pull herself up, drape her arms over the top of the crib side, and wail like a heartbroken little jailbird. And she won't give up, no matter how long you leave her alone. Thank you God for the Ergo.)

Anyway, getting chompers means that we have started to give her pieces of our food, mostly fruit. Baby-led weaning worked very well with Ellie, and Zoe is just as excited as her sister was to find hunks of peach, banana, and broccoli on her tray. It's all incredibly messy but it keeps her entertained, and I will sacrifice much for the sake of Infant Entertainment.

The weather has been quite dry lately, and since I'm terrible at remembering to water the garden, some of our plants have shriveled. The Roma tomatoes, green beans, cilantro, carrots, and lettuce are growing happily nonetheless. I want to try canning tomato sauce, if I can collect at least 20 pounds of Romas at a time (seems pretty likely, the way they're putting out). The basil looks pathetic so I'll do cilantro pesto instead. Hopefully I'll get to can some peaches by the end of the month.

What We've Been Eating:

Jamie Oliver's crispy and sticky roast chicken
Shredded pork shoulder
Chicken and vegetables stir-fried with lime juice and soy sauce (plus cauliflower rice)
Chips with fresh salsa from the garden (which is also great on fried eggs)
Chicken apple curry
Italian sausage with white beans and spinach
Oven-baked fries, both russet potatoes and sweet potatoes . . . mmmm
These delicious tacos de pollo (eaten as a fajita salad for the paleo-ish among us, in tortillas for the normal folk)
Baked chicken! We have this A LOT because it is delicious and cheap and flexible: just your basic bone-in thighs roasted with a bit of seasoning and olive oil, 400 degrees for about 40 minutes. But here is the magic part. If you cover them with foil and let them rest for at least half an hour in the oven after turning the heat off-- could be even longer-- the meat gets extremely tender while the skin stays crisp, just as it oughta be.

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