31 July 2015

Family snippets // Weekend linkage

I solemnly swear that she is up to no good
Ellie is a perpetual motion machine. (Some days I think of her as an entropy machine, but that isn't quite fair because she does create and clean up some things.)

Yesterday morning she came downstairs, announced that she was awake, and demanded tea. Then I watched as she went from guzzling her mug of PG Tips to gobbling blueberries to slicing up playdough to crafting lavish masterpieces in marker to decorating her own knees with said marker to scribbling on the chalkboard and whiteboard to "helping" me bake banana muffins to "helping" me wash the dishes to opening a contraband Larabar all by herself to racing up and down the length of the house shouting "I'm an Elliegator!" And then it was time to have lunch and go to the library and watch Curious George. Her life is pretty exciting, mostly because she makes it so.

Zoe makes fewer headlines but we love her just as much. She can get up on all fours now, bah! And she's less of a cuddle bug; she enjoys leaping about in her "jumper swing" as Ellie calls it, or sitting in the high chair with a fun toy, like a carrot or a crinkly package of chips.

Last week we went on vacation, to a spot in South Carolina just south of Myrtle Beach. We've been before, but that was in January (with only one kid, who wasn't even walking yet). So this time we had considerable heat + two children to wrangle, but it was so fun to chase seagulls with Ellie, watch Zoe eat sand, and splash in the water, both ocean and pool, with both of them.

After enjoying tons of pizza, oatmeal, and ice cream on vacation, I climbed back on the Paleoesque wagon . . . and oh goodness, I feel much better! I have mounds of energy, and more stable emotions. I'd been moping about for weeks with a brain fog and zero motivation to do anything, so when we got back from South Carolina I dropped all grains, almost all sugar, and the cream in my coffee; it's good black, I promise, especially when you have a French press. :) This week I've buzzed around accomplishing all sorts of projects, and I feel happy and hopeful again. I think the vitamin D from the beach helped too.

I have gained a little weight back after stopping AIP but I don't mind, really. I was so grumpy while on AIP that I'd rather have the extra pounds. I like looking at my curious, cheerful, chubby girls and remembering how I got to nourish them inside of my body for the better part of a year. I like being able to make myself beautiful, and appreciate what I do have, even when my stomach-- which is, after all, only one part of me-- is bigger and softer than I would prefer. And I like that my husband still chases me around like we are googly-eyed newlyweds. He's swell.

Speaking of getting pretty, I enjoyed the Gemma Burgess installment of "Beauty Uniform" on A Cup of Jo. She's funny! I shall be investigating many of her picks.

And I just took advantage of this deal: a high-end Nume curling wand for only $19, plus shipping.

A lovely print from Gracelaced that fits with so much of what God has been impressing on me about motherhood and homemaking, and fulfillment versus fame, and where I'm finding my value, and identifying-- and prioritizing-- the true passions of my heart. All of which could fill at least three long posts. But anyway, imma buy me one of these.

I enjoy Apartment Therapy's house tours, this one especially.

50,000 images that will change how you see Africa.

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