29 May 2015

Weekend linkage

[Ellie runs into my room]: HI MOMMY!!
Me: Hi sweetie.
E: Mommy's get dressed?
Me: Mmhmm . . .
E: Mommy's belly?
Me: Yep, that's my belly.
[Ellie thinks for a while, then]: TINY belly!!

Way to work yourself into mama's good graces, girlfriend.


Being kind to your spouse when you have small kids.

Pixar is clever.

Beautiful succulents. They look like a mini forest.

Finding your "home style" with joy.

I want to buy a print of this comic and hang it in the kitchen.

"Do Mothers Matter? "
Stupid questions aren’t always easy to answer. Sometimes the most fundamental things are hardest to explain, precisely because they are fundamental . . . We find ourselves babbling about Band-Aids and oatmeal cookies, as though those couldn’t be supplied by a social worker or a school nurse. Nevertheless, reasonable people do not dismiss the deep intuition that yes, mothers constitute a unique and vitally important part of a child’s moral universe.
For a somewhat different take on the subject: "The Trouble With Mother's Day." (For me, it's in the same file as Valentine's Day. Nice thought, I guess, but I really don't care if you get me flowers.)
In no other holiday do we spend so much time acknowledging and apologizing to the people whose hurt is extra pronounced because of that special day. The other holidays—Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, New Year’s, Forth of July, you name it—aren’t about us. Those holidays are broader. They’re about something beyond us. We are invited to enter in, but we aren’t the reason for the celebration
"A Libertarian View of Gay Marriage." (Subtitled "A really, really, really long post about gay marriage that does not, in the end, support one side or the other.")
My only request is that people try to be a leeetle more humble about their ability to imagine the subtle results of big policy changes. The argument that gay marriage will not change the institution of marriage because you can’t imagine it changing your personal reaction is pretty arrogant. It imagines, first of all, that your behavior is a guide for the behavior of everyone else in society . . . And second, the unwavering belief that the only reason that marriage, always and everywhere, is a male-female institution (I exclude rare ritual behaviors), is just some sort of bizarre historical coincidence, and that you know better, needs examining.

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