15 April 2015

harder and easier

Having a second baby is harder because now you have two tiny people to interrupt your shower, distract you from your book, and spill things on your clothes. So every day you have to share just a little more of your time. Relinquish just a little more of your convenience. Your patience is stretched just a little bit more. After a while, that seems like a lot.

Chores start to fall through the cracks because you are so busy meeting the basic needs of said tiny people. I can feel pretty discouraged about the things I'm unable to do around the house. Even basic tasks seem daunting with a drooling baby in your arms and a sleepy headache that's begging for more coffee. My unfinished to-do list looks more than a mile long (not to mention the theoretical to-do list that I don't bother making because I can't even complete the real one . . . can you believe I used to clean the fridge on a regular basis?). Frankly, I often feel like a failure at the end of the day.

Life is way too full. I can't get my arms around it.

Having a second baby is easier because now you have two tiny people to make you laugh, accompany you on walks, and look at you adoringly. Babies are pretty good for the ol' self-esteem, since they love you no matter how grungy you look, and don't particularly care if you forgot to thaw the chicken for dinner. And even though I battle discouragement about household tasks, I am too busy to even notice most of the things that fall thorough the cracks . . . and therefore, I am not stressed about them to begin with!

Watching the two girls together melts even my unsentimental heart. Love multiplies as people do.

I know I did this whole newborn thing before, only two years ago in fact. I'm far more relaxed. Even though the specifics will look different with each child I know that I can be a mom, I can take care of a baby, and everybody will get through this stage with sanity relatively intact.

Life is full but it definitely isn't boring. My little ladies are precious.

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  1. The nice thing about babies is that they gain sufficiency really fast. Really. Three to six months from now you will feel like you have wings because little one can sit on her own for ten minutes, and big one might even entertain little without poking little's eyes out (mostly).