08 March 2015

Weekend linkage

Hunters in the Snow by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Gout, Your New Favorite Food Magazine. I love snobby cooking magazines but will never pass a snarky send-up.

Cooking myths: which are true, which are false? Bet you'll learn something.

Two interesting looking podcasts: The Memory Palace (described as a less pretentious version of This American Life) and The History of English (who doesn't love a little linguistic enlightenment?).

"The Children Who Raised Themselves."

From Bluecollar Gospel: "Jesus Is My Everything."

Why nobody should bother taking the new SAT. Author notes that the SAT essay was widely regarded as a joke. I spent considerable time tutoring kids for that essay and fully agree with his analysis.

"Three Englishmen Saved from Boiling Pot by Cannibal King, Who Was Friend at Oxford." WELL THEN.

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