06 March 2015

Family snippets

At six weeks old, Zoe has decided to be a sleeping champion. Thank you Jesus and glory hallelujah. She usually wakes up twice per night, and that is excellent, giving me several looong blocks of uninterrupted sleep. Thanks to her better sleeping patterns, I feel like I've emerged from the "survival mode" period and am entering normal life again.

Sometimes, when my lucky stars are perfectly aligned, she only wakes up once. Then I feel like Wonder Woman in the morning.

Not this morning, though. We're all sick, sniffling and sneezing our way around the house. It is a pajama day full of echinacea tea, Vitamin C, and cod liver oil-- which Ellie believes is a great treat, ha. (It actually doesn't taste bad at all, even though swallowing a teaspoon of oil is weird.)

Ellie loves to talk. I mean, absolutely loves it. She narrates her life almost without pause, whether or not she can correctly pronounce the words. She points out when Zoe is finished nursing ("baby done!") and names everything we eat ("peppers! olives! meat!") and tells you what the weather is like ("snow! raining! sunshine!") and talks about what she's doing ("upstairs! downstairs! box empty! orange car!").

It's really funny to see what she finds important, or what she notices about our daily routine. For example, right now she's standing at the front door saying "No package." I had opened the main door to let in more light through the glass on the screen door; Ellie was evidently hoping to find a box on the step. Clearly, I order a lot of stuff from Amazon.


  1. It's a mercy she started sleeping well early. I've had to fight with a few kids to get to two wakeups a night. Nathaniel says more than two is my "crazy line."

  2. Rebekah Daphne06 March, 2015 17:41

    Agreed. More than two is bad!! I'm not much of a scheduler and I hate letting babies cry... so far, we have been lucky and our kids just started to sleep longer on their own. Watch our next one be a holy terror at night :)

  3. I don't schedule but at four to six months I start to enforce a bedtime. That has meant crying for two kids--and me in the next room over! But it only lasts a few days and we all get a lot happier afterward. I figured they can have a murderous mommy or a happy one, so in the longer term a little sadness upfront saves us all. :)

  4. Rebekah Daphne08 March, 2015 18:17

    True of many things :)