19 February 2015

pretty happy funny real #15


Cheerful flowers above the sink. I love gerbera daisies and Jared, knowing how glum this winter has been for me, brought these home to brighten up the kitchen.


We're planning the garden. That means spring comes soon!


We discovered that Zoe likes going bare-legged. She had been fussing, so I laid her on the floor and took off her pants. Immediate happiness.

Also funny: some of Ellie's new words, which are recognizable in context but use all the wrong consonants. "Bopper" means diaper, "nock" means milk, and-- my favorite-- "gockly" means broccoli.


The living room today: unlikely to be tidied anytime soon, and the carpet hasn't been vacuumed since who knows when. Oh well.

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  1. Hey, that looks like my living room! So glad I'm not the only one:)