20 February 2015

Family snippets // Weekend linkage

This was a slightly odd week. Our house's heating system, which is all fancy and efficient, does not get along with the city's (old and non-efficient) gas lines. When it gets extremely cold everyone else in the area needs a lot of gas too, the pressure drops too low, our boiler throws a tantrum, and the whole system shuts off. Well, it was extremely cold this week, so we didn't have heat most of the time. Fortunately my in-laws have a great guest room. We crashed there, avoided freezing, and had some nice family time, so it wasn't bad after all.

My mom gave me this lovely book to celebrate the four-week anniversary of Zoe's birth. It actually made me cry. For a whole month, I've been doing exactly these things for my girls. Keeping them clean, feeding them, holding them, comforting them 24/7, yet it often feels like I have accomplished nothing. Looking at my work from their perspective, as this book does, was so sweet and refreshing.

The following paragraph is recorded for the encouragement of Future Postpartum Me: the emotional crazies have leveled out substantially. If my experiences with Ellie and Zoe are normative (for me), the first three weeks are the nuttiest; the third week seems worst of all, because my hormones are cray and the baby is not sleeping much at a time, but the adrenaline has all worn off and I'm running on naps and caffeine. Then! Life starts to improve. Though I still cry and things are hard, I can deal with it, and I can laugh and enjoy my babies again.


New Titles for Children's Book Covers. Hee hee.

The Company Man. Super interesting article on Don Thompson, the recently replaced CEO of McDonald's, and the company's culture and current woes.

What Romance After Kids Looks Like. Pretty spot-on, I must say.

How to Survive Winter in Antarctica. In case you are bonkers enough to try it.

New Washing Machine Woes. Or, government regulations are annoying and fruitless.

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