13 February 2015

Family snippets // Weekend linkage

"So, how rich do you want to be if I croak?"
-Jared gets some life insurance

Oh goodness. What a week. Days with just me, the girls, and the mostly-dark skies. It was super hard and I almost fell over from exhaustion and we all (minus Jared) cried quite often. Look, though, here we are! Alive and well. Every day is a little better because God shows me some bit of truth to hang onto, and I ease a little further into the new reality of our life.

But still, I cannot wait for spring.

I'm listening to music (mostly via Amazon Prime) almost nonstop this week. This, this, and this have been represented heavily in the rotation. Also, I've decided that Bon Jovi must have written "Livin' On a Prayer" specifically for the mothers of newborns.
"No unbelief made him waver concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong in his faith as he gave glory to God, fully convinced that God was able to do what he had promised."
-Romans 4:20-21 
Want some links? I got links.

Absolutely beautiful wedding pictures.

This seems appropriate: "Three Truths for the Tired Mother." Good comments too.

Giggles from xkcd: "Apollo Speeches."

"God as Mission, Worship as Expendable."
A Church that is always busy on mission is in a perilous position in an even more fundamental way. The Church is always, first and foremost, a group of receivers, not doers. In all our emphasis on being Christ’s hands and feet in the world, we may forget Christ’s hands and feet on the cross. We often functionally forget the gospel in our practice: that faith is God’s action, a Divine gift; that Christianity preaches Someone to receive, not something to do.
From The New Statesman: "Before We Give Doors and Toasters Sentience."
It's becoming more and more common for everyday appliances to have features we don't expect, and the implications for privacy and freedom can be surprisingly profound. We should be sure we know what we're buying into.

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  1. You have never been more alive as a human created in God's image than right now!
    It only gets more exciting.... in all respects.