02 January 2015

it can be done

My parents celebrated their twenty-ninth anniversary several months ago. This is remarkable for two reasons. First, that they are married at all: an astonishing number of American marriages end in divorce (not to mention the couples who never bother to get married in the first place). Second, that they are married happily. Many couples grudgingly stick it out for their kids' sake, for their own reputations, or because they don't know what else to do. But my parents are still glad to be together.

They have always been a good team. Among plenty of other accomplishments, they've raised six kids, making our lives full and secure. None of us ever wondered if Mom and Dad might split up. Of course we knew-- those of us old enough to pick up on such things-- that they had their arguments and hurt feelings, even a few icy glares. At the same time we knew they loved each other and loved us, and that those loves would continue. So the arguments were hashed out and the ice melted. Here they are decades later, loyal to the covenant they made in their young twenties, and grateful to the faithful God who has walked with them daily.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for showing me that it can be done. You put the lie to the world's claims that love can't last, that we all "move on" eventually. We are a quarter-century behind you but I know we'll make it too.

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