17 January 2015

Family snippets

Well, I can authoritatively say that 41 weeks is a Very Long Time to incubate a baby. I am ready to see her on the outside. Ironically, waiting has gotten easier as more time passes, because I know that I have less and less time to go: no matter when she comes, I am getting closer to her delivery every day!

Jared is the nicest pregnancy companion imaginable. He cleaned all of our wooden floors for me this week, has procured hamburgers and ice cream on command, and generously supplies shoulder-and-hip rubs to his cranky wife. (He also understands that every evening I go through a "woe is us, this baby will never come" phase and therefore is not alarmed if I suddenly start to cry or mope about.) I'm grateful to have him around so often, rather than working till midnight on the house like last time. Ellie's explosive energy wears me down during the day and I need somebody to take over toddler duty after dinner!

I will go in for a non-stress test this weekend to make sure that everything is okay. We'll monitor Jellybean's heartbeat for an extended period of time; if it sounds normal, we'll know that she is still healthy and that my placenta is not deteriorating, and we can carry on as usual. The midwives cannot deliver outside of the hospital once I pass 42 weeks, so if I get close to that date I will take measures on my own to induce labor (most likely castor oil). Hopefully it won't come to that, as I am no fan of induction, but I much prefer castor oil at the birth center to pitocin and monitors in the hospital.

As for Big Sister, we've hit an interesting kink in language development. She is starting to understand the concept of color, but does not realize that colors have names unto themselves. Instead, she associates them with particular objects. So a brown crayon is "chocolate," an orange car is "clementine," and white yogurt is "snow." I love seeing how her brain works. She learns at lightning speed, and I don't know how she fits all the information she's cramming into that memory of hers.

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  1. My Darling, any time you need me to procure hamburgers and ice cream - you just let me know. I'll find a way to set aside my own inclinations and serve you in that way. I love you THAT much :)