22 November 2014

Weekend linkage

Elizabethan superheroes. Iron Man in a neck ruff!

Timelapse video of one day in UK airspace. Amazing.

Jim Gaffigan on binge-watching. Ha! I am currently on a self-imposed hiatus from Netflix because I just managed to watch all 5 seasons of Chuck in less than six weeks. Which is quite enough for a while. #ohyes #ilovechuck #ialsolovejimgaffigan

This is clever: a typeface for dyslexics.

Russell Moore's address from the recent Vatican Colloquium on Marriage and Family.
People are looking for a cosmic mystery, for a love that is stronger than death. They cannot articulate it, and perhaps would be horrified to know it, but they are looking for God. The Sexual Revolution leads to the burned-over boredom of sex shorn of mystery, of relationship shorn of covenant. The question for us, as we pass through the Samaria of the Sexual Revolution, is whether we have water for Samaria, or only fire. In the wake of the disappointment sexual libertarianism brings, there must be a new word about more permanent things, such as the joy of marriage as a permanent, conjugal, one-flesh reality between a man and woman. We must keep lit the way to the old paths.
Great TED talk: Leana Wen on "What your doctor won't disclose."
If you go to your doctor because of back pain, you might want to know he's getting paid 5,000 dollars to perform spine surgery versus 25 dollars to refer you to see a physical therapist, or if he's getting paid the same thing no matter what he recommends.
 An interesting perspective from the American Enterprise Institute: "The Crucial Importance of Stay-At-Home Wives," specifically in terms of social capital.
It is entirely understandable that some wives work full time, either for the fulfillment of a vocation or to make money–the same reasons men work full time. But when either partner in a marriage—and it will usually be the wife—chooses to devote full time to being a parent and neighbor instead, that choice should not just be accepted, but celebrated.

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