13 November 2014

phfr #14


Jared keeps a plant at work, and it had become far too large for its pot. He brought it home and I split it; one for me, one for him. Mine now lives on top of the china cabinet.


I'm getting Jellybean's clothes ready. After some Carter's and Zulily shopping, here are some of my favorite new pieces: a tiny pointelle onesie, warm mint-green pants, and soft satin shoes.


I came home from an afternoon out with friends to find Ellie helping Daddy rake leaves. She was mildly excited to see me and very excited to drink out of my water bottle. A bit of dribbling and sputtering ensued, but she's getting pretty good at it.

She wants to be exactly like me and it is overwhelming sometimes. I know that she won't want that forever. She'll become her own person with different interests, and besides, once she gets old enough she will be able to see my weaknesses-- I won't be the perfect heroine of her life anymore. All the same, I want to be the kind of woman who is worth imitating.

File this one under Pregnancy Is Rarely Glamorous: I just bought a maternity support brace for my back, and it is awesome. My hip feels so much better when I wear it. I think orthotic sneakers will be next.

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