21 November 2014

Family snippets

"Ellie, if you don't behave we are going to box you up and ship you to Kamchatka."
-Daddy takes parenting cues from Risk

Ellie's capacity for imitation and imagination astounds me. Most of her activities begin with what she sees me do, but she gives them her own spin.

She enthusiastically pushes the Swiffer and hurls clothes into hampers. She uses dishcloths to clean everything from baseboards to blocks. She switches on her musical toys, then performs wild dances around the living room. She "reads" her books with great animation. She builds increasingly complex Duplo architecture. She provides sound effects for her toy cars. She rocks her baby doll while singing a wordless lullaby; she gives it water and feeds it. (Chocolate, mmm! she says.)

Pregnancy is still fine. A healthy and squirming Jellybean, no medical complications or undue hardship. I passed my gestational diabetes test with flying colors-- since Ellie was so big, I thought I should take the test, but no cause for alarm-- and my iron levels are even normal this time.

All that said, I have already told Jared that I feel ready to be done. I am tired of being large.

Jared has been working on Ellie's new bedroom every free weekend. It required some plaster and paint work, and had a rather vigorous draft that needed to be fixed, but all that should be finished before long; I am looking forward to the decorating portion of the project. Though Jellybean probably won't sleep in the nursery at first, we will move Ellie out of the nursery and into her "big girl room" as soon as we can, just to get the transition over with. I think she might sleep in a pack-n-play at first, rather than in her new toddler bed. I don't feel like teaching her to stay in bed at the same time that I'm trying to figure out a newborn. :)

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