26 September 2014

Weekend linkage // Family snippets

J: Maybe we could talk about this on our next date night.
Me: Sigh. I'm not a very fun date.
J: Or we could just talk about chipmunks.

Me: We went to Pine View and Ellie terrorized the cows with her screeching.
J: Now they know how I feel.

Ellie's fun for the week included "helping" to unload the dishwasher, visiting the tractors and goats at the fair, chucking a teddy bear into the tub and turning on the water, covertly eating crayons but being betrayed by her blue mouth, picking a huge bowl of tomatoes (at least half were still green), and insisting that Baby Sister lives inside her belly.


So, this may be the best use ever made of the internet. (I say this as an English major and a secret lover of atrocious pop music.)


Speaking of my major, Things English Majors Are Tired of Hearing. Nobody says this stuff to me anymore because I have successfully conducted my life for five years post-graduation, but . . . I remember well.


We just got a dishwasher, so this pin seems apropos.


"What An Elite Ballerina Sees When She Looks In The Mirror." This simultaneously causes me to want to get back into ballet, and thank the good Lord above that I got out of it.

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