05 September 2014

Weekend linkage // Family snippets

Ellie's latest life skills include prancing about on tiptoe; scribbling with crayons; perfecting her princess wave; not yanking out her hair clips; correctly identifying her head, ears, nose, and belly; pretending to give her stuffed animals water out of her sippy cup; and making "soup" with kitchen tools purloined from my cupboards.


Here's a great post from Time Warp Wife on what it means for us to be our husbands' "helpers":

You are not called to make him sandwiches or refill his drinks, though that is a nice thing to do. Your calling is be such a strength and power in the life of your husband that your conduct, your words, and your actions point him to Christ and make him want to be a more godly person.

If you live around here and are looking for fun this weekend, why don't you hit up The Importance of Being Earnest, performed by the Servant Stage Company at the Lancaster Trust? It's going to be a fab production, as Wilde is wont to be (my brother is playing Jack).

Tickets are $12 at the door . . . follow the link for more info.


Something pretty: a carpet of 750,000 flowers in Belgium.

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