18 September 2014

pretty happy funny real #12

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Maybe not many people would consider a large collection of produce "pretty," but I do.


I have two happy things this week.

First, a huge whiteboard on which to organize my life. Meal plans, weekly chores, extra things to do, shopping lists, you name it.

I needed a new, large diaper bag before Jellybean's arrival and I was prepared to spend $100+ on a good one. Well, this week I found a perfect Eddie Bauer bag at Target. What's more, even though it's in perfect condition, it was only $10 because someone had ordered it online and returned it to the store! Huge blessing.


Ellie's new pastimes include playing with her Melissa and Doug animal magnets . . . and wearing my shoes.


What the living room looks like after fifteen minutes of Ellie.

1 comment:

  1. Kudos to Jared for figuring out how to hang the white board.....
    And for not taking months to achieve the feat... as I might.