09 September 2014

4 ways in which I am just like my toddler

Or she is just like me.

1) I get very excited about breakfast.

Ellie requests breakfast within fifteen minutes of waking up. She eats a lot of it, too. I have always been the same. I typically need a couple of eggs, some fruit, and something else-- cheese? toast? yogurt?-- to get me going. I don't think I have ever skipped breakfast in my life. The very thought is horrible. How do you "coffee and half a banana" people make it through the morning?

2) I have a hard time dealing with large crowds.

Not that either of us are afraid of people. It's just that we can't handle interacting with more than one or two of them at a time. More than that and we get cranky and overwhelmed. When there are a lot of people, all talking at once, we both start zoning out and go off to do our own thing. (After church, for example, Ellie will dart around the lobby, intent on her private exploration and totally refusing to interact with any of the people around her. THERE ARE TOO MANY OF YOU LEAVE ME ALONE.)

3) I like shoes.

Ellie is obsessed with shoes. If she sees an unworn pair sitting around, she becomes very distressed  and tries to find someone to put them on. If you tell her that we're going to put on shoes to go outside, she makes an excited beeline for the closet.

Myself, I don't have a huge collection, but those I do have are very nice. I buy good shoes, ones I can wear for years without growing tired of them or getting blisters on my heels. My wedding shoes, for example, were a pair of gorgeous gray suede pumps from Naturalizer. I'm still wearing them five years later and they just have (very) minor scuffing on the toes. I don't need twenty pairs to choose from; I prefer having five that I really like.

4) I complain a lot.

We have started to tell Ellie "No whining" and "No complaining" when she breaks down over minor mishaps, such as a slight delay in snacktime. She has very little patience and tends to shriek in anger or just burst into tears, and we'd like for her to learn self-control. That requires lots of hand-holding, comforting, and generally showing her that no, this is not the end of the world and she can choose to be cheerful if she wants to.

Anyway, at the end of one long hot afternoon, I found myself sprawled on the couch whining over everything I'd had to do that day, everything I had failed to do, all the pregnancy aches and pains I had to deal with, etc. I realized that I sounded just like Ellie when she doesn't want to clean up her toys. My new mantra is "No complaining."

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