08 August 2014

Weekend linkage


An interactive documentary of the First World War.


The quintessential Trendy Restaurant Menu. I'll take the fish slivers!


From one of my favorite blogs, a post about five "housewifely" things . . . . one of the reasons I love Leila is that she talks about normal stuff in a way that makes you see how important it could be, and points out truths that should have been obvious but somehow got obscured. (She has successfully raised seven children, so if you ask me, she has quite a lot of credibility.)


100 Actual Titles of 18th-Century Novels. ("The Spectres, Or, Lord Oswald And Lady Rosa, Including An Account Of The Marchioness Of Cevetti Who Was Basely Consigned To A Dungeon Beneath Her Castle By Her Eldest Son, Whose Cruel Avarice Plunged Him Into The Commission Of The Worst Of Crimes, That Stains The Annals Of The Human Race." That has to be a good one.)


Personal ads from the 19th-century New York Times. ("A gentleman, young, with a fair a portion of cash and very large expectations, desires to make some good and handsome girl his wife. Her happiness will be his own, and the sincere object of marital relations; money no object, but youth indispensable. Old maids, widows, and ugly women over 18 need not respond." Most excellent.)

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  1. Oh! Thanks so much for the link to the Housewifely post. Right up my alley. Wish I had written it. :-)