07 August 2014

pretty happy funny real #11

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I have untold multitudes of zinnias-- they never fail me. In this bouquet you can also see flowering Genovese basil, which I'd never cut for a vase before. It has lasted beautifully.


We bought these wall shelves at IKEA eons ago, but only got around to mounting them sometime in the past month. I love vertical storage space.


I just think that bean sprouts are funny-looking, especially the gangly ones in back. I'm starting these indoors and will transplant them this weekend.


We had a touch of something earlier this week; Jared got it the worst, a combination of fever, aches, and a headache for two solid days. So I started dosing myself with elderberry and other antivirals, and gave Ellie some elderberry syrup as well (she heroically downed each dose, with much spluttering afterwards).

I did experience a bad headache, but peppermint essential oil provided relief for that, and otherwise the ladies of the family seem to be fine.


  1. I like those shelves. It looks like a nice, efficient workspace!

  2. Zinnias! I love zinnias, and have decided they may be my favorite flower. An under-rated beauty, for sure. We don't get much sun in our yard but I'm thinking of trying to grow them next summer nonetheless!

  3. I didn't feel good about the zinnia starts that I planted by the driveway this year - I thought the colors were likely to be all wrong, and other negative things. But I am now SO glad I put them there, and couldn't be happier about the mix&match colors of my giant plants, because every single time I walk out to the car or down the street, I pass by and they are there brightening the view and giving me courage. The blooms seem to last forever, and God knew I needed something steady and extra-bold this summer.