15 August 2014

Family snippets

Ellie's language skills are expanding bit by bit. She shouts "hi" regularly and often says "da-tee" when she sees Jared. Thanks to her Eric Carle and Priddy books, she also has an arsenal of animal noises: kittens meow, snakes hiss, chicks peep, piggies snort, bees buzz, lions and tigers roar. Oh, and penguins shake their heads. From Head to Toe says so.

She loves to imitate me, whether I am stretching on my yoga mat, folding laundry, or mopping the floor. She'll grab her little broom and dustpan and toddle around industriously, "cleaning" just like me. She can put away her toys and has started to try to throw away trash, which is adorable but dangerous (I keep wondering if she's tossed in a Duplo or two). Sometimes she quietly stands and looks out the window. Sometimes she runs helter-skelter through the house, shrieking for the sheer fun of it. And this week she discovered ballet dancing: we turn up the classical music and spin all over the living room.

I think she's pretty amazing.

Her miniature sibling grows apace. I can often sense it moving, and if I lie on my back, both Jared and I can feel its hard head pushing against my skin. Soon we'll get to see it on a screen: an ultrasound is scheduled for the 26th and after that, we will know if the jellybean is pink or blue. :)