01 August 2014

Family snippets

Me: When you're done with that, I have two things to talk to you about.
Jared: Er . . .
Me: They aren't important things.
Jared: Oh good.

Jared perusing the internet: Orlando Bloom punches Justin Bieber outside nightclub. Next up, Orlando Bloom receives 3 trillion new likes on Facebook!

Usually, I am not a typically emotional woman. I have strong emotions but they run along the irate-to-jubilant range rather than the tragical-to-schmoopy range; I get worked up about revisionist history and corporate fraud, not lost puppies and candlelit dinners. However, pregnancy turns me into a quivering lump of sentiment, so now I start crying at the drop of the hat, and I lie in bed moaning over impossible situations (Ellie and the new baby are going to die of bubonic plague).
I'm still happily using cloth diapers for Ellie (GMD prefolds and Thirsties Duo snap covers). It will be awesome to have them on hand for the Jellybean already.

Ellie does wear disposables at night, though! Pro tip: if you have a skinny Minnie like we do, Huggies are better than Pampers. I only ever remembered my mom using Pampers, so without thinking much about it, I did too. Then I realized that, duh, all of us were Most Exceeding Chubby . . . whereas my child resides somewhere in the 10th percentile. No wonder her Pampers leaked. Google informed me that Huggies performed much better for slim babies, and Google was right.


  1. Gina Witmer Plain01 August, 2014 16:19

    I'm sure those would also be Jack's sentiments. "Oh good." And how nice to find diapers that FIT. Good old Google....such a handy friend.

  2. Nothing warms the heart of a husband like hearing the wife say, "They aren't important things." It means we really don't need to pay attention.... i.e. the normal operation mode!