27 July 2014

Weekend linkage


This is important: Contraception That Kills.
To say blithely that there is a higher “miscarriage” rate is to admit that the presence of an IUD causes loss of a pregnancy after implantation, which by any definition is called an abortion. So IUDs can end a human life, as the owners of Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood have claimed, and as the author admits.

This is not important: Can You Tell The Difference Between T.S. Eliot and Rap Lyrics? I didn't think it was that hard, but then, I like Eliot.


A new Jane Austen waxwork. Sweet.


From the Barnes & Noble blog, "Ten Characters Who Ended Up With the Wrong People." Honestly, though, I don't agree with most of these. I guess I get sucked into the author's logic. Jo and Laurie would have been so wretched.


I want one of these sweatshirts so bad it hurts. One of these would also be highly acceptable. Too bad neither will fit me till January . . .

This was a very literary linkage.

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