19 July 2014

Weekend linkage


Stuck in a traffic jam for seventy years?
According to an urban legend these cars were left behind by US soldiers from World War II, who could not ship them back to the US so they decided to hide them in a forest until they could come back and retrieve them. The locals disagree and say that it’s simply an old car dump of vehicles made after the WWII.

No job? No Svalbard archipelago for you!
Homelessness, like unemployment, is banned. All residents must have a fixed address, a rule that ensures that nobody freezes to death in a place that is closer to the North Pole than to the Norwegian capital . . . The government does fund a school and a hospital, as well as the governor’s administration, and also subsidizes Svalbard’s biggest employer, a loss-making state-owned coal company. But it shuns the leftist, leveling consensus that according to conservative critics has made working almost a lifestyle choice in the rest of Norway. Taxes are much lower than elsewhere in the country.

“There is no welfare system in Svalbard,” Mr. Ingero said. “If you are unable to support yourself with work, you cannot stay here.”

"Why fifty percent of Chinese women are opting for C-sections."


I know, from one short bout with depression, a tiny bit of what it's like to struggle with your brain. It's terrifying and dark. A friend of mine who has bipolar disorder has begun a blog and it promises to be as remarkable as he is.


As it's picnic season, Saveur offers the perfect picnic generator!


This is the sweetest ad I've ever seen. (Keep in mind that I am also pregnant and full of baby love.)

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  1. Gina Witmer Plain28 July, 2014 23:16

    AWww...the baby ad got me good. It probably has something to do with the fact that due to being sick, I haven't been able to pick up Wilder (Adalie and Wilder have been here since Sat. night), and it's killing me!