07 July 2014

I am a writer, but I'm not a blogger

"The miracle of turning inklings into thoughts and thoughts into words and words into metal and print and ink never palls for me."
- John Updike

The first thing I ever wrote was a story about two electric eels. If memory serves, they were named Flip and Flash. I forget what happened in the story, but I spent at least one long afternoon on it-- a lot of concentrated time for a seven-year-old. It had illustrations and everything.

Girl Writing, Henriette Brown
Since then, written words have been an absolute pillar of my life. They are the best and easiest way for me to communicate (don't count on me for a coherent conversation, but afterwards I promise to write you a really nice explanation of what I was trying to say).

I have written diaries, essays, applications, interviews, love letters, thank-yous, and apologies.

I have taught over 150 kids how to write, or at least write better.

Our courtship was originally based on writing.

Other people's writings clutch at my mind like nothing else, probably why we have more books than shelves. I'm not sure what happens to language once it's put down into solid characters, or why that inked language speaks to me so piercingly-- though if I philosophized long enough I could come up with a reason. However it happens, words stick to me. They come out of me. So I would say that I am a writer: not by profession but as part of my truest self.

Yet I still do not consider myself a blogger. To be a blogger, I would need to be truly devoted to my internet space, and I'm not. Once upon a time I had the time and energy for it. I wanted to invest hours into daily posts. I don't do that anymore, simply because I don't enjoy it when the pressure is on. Since I only enjoy writing occasional posts and this is not a priority for me, I would say that I "have a blog," not that I "am a blogger."

I am a writer. I employ that in many ways; I'm not restricted to the blog. These days I feel free to post when it suits me, and skip it when we are busy with other good things. Unlike making dinner, and mopping the floor, and giving Ellie a bath, I don't have to blog unless I want to. Happily, then, I will leave the Official Bloggery to people more dedicated and interesting.

Speaking of which, what are your favorite blogs lately? Any new gems? I am always up for reading suggestions.

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