18 July 2014

Family snippets

"I just don't feel sorry for Brazil. They're like the Yankees of soccer."
-Jared reflects on the World Cup

This week brought such lovely weather. Ellie and I were able to take several morning walks, where we usually found dogs, squirrels, and rabbits for her to ooh and ahh over. Working out in the garden is also a pleasure in this weather, except for the mosquitos. I would like to find an essential oil-based repellent but have had no luck so far. Help please?

The first batch of pickles was successfully canned. In a couple of weeks, we'll find out how successful they taste. I used an old Mennonite recipe, with a few extra seasonings tossed in, and I'm not sure how they could possibly taste bad. Well, even if they do we have scores more cukes with which to experiment.
I suspect that I will need to dig out my maternity box soon. My pants fit just fine, but I am getting dangerously close to Shirt Stretching territory, which would be sad. I'll need a few more t-shirts and am excited that our Old Navy now carries maternity clothes. There aren't a lot of options around here and I hate ordering things online. Grow, jellybean, grow!

Ellie has started to yell "Hey!" at anyone she meets. Visitors to our house, people at the grocery store, kids at the library. It makes her sound so excited to see everyone, which is probably true. She is quite social and-- apart from a few brief clingy phases-- always has been.

What did I cook this week? Anything interesting? Oh, I made a great salad dressing from Fresh. It's a sweet onion poppyseed dressing and it is 100% delicious (and simple). Tonight is pizza night; now that I can eat gluten again (yay!!) I make pizza almost every week. Last week it was pesto with caramelized onions, fresh herbs, and assorted Italian cheeses. This week it's tomato sauce with mushrooms, peppers, and Havarti.

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