12 July 2014

Family snippets

Ellie is turning into a complete clown. When I come to fetch her after a nap, she starts shrieking and running around her crib. She squishes her face against the screen door while I'm outside hanging laundry on the line. She "dances" to music whenever she realizes that it's playing. As soon as we put her shoes on, she stands up and stomps loudly on the wooden floor. She loves to dress up (sometimes with a necklace of plastic links, sometimes a makeshift cape composed of a kitchen towel or a piece of outgrown clothing).

Her younger sibling isn't doing anything worthy of note, though in a few weeks I will get to hear the heartbeat for the first time. I am now officially in the second trimester, which explains my rapidly receding "morning" sickness and rapidly increasing bump. I so look forward to feeling this little bean move, though that probably won't happen for quite a while.

Our garden is growing like a weed (as are the weeds, alas). The cucumbers are attempting to take over the entire bed, but the tomatoes are valiantly fending them off. It's gotten pretty hot here so the sugar peas and lettuce have tipped past their prime . . . my one surviving bush of green beans continues to bear abundantly . . . and the zinnias have exploded into bloom.

(Sorry I haven't been posting the funny things Jared says lately. I think having a baby did something to my memory! I laugh just as hard as I ever did, but can't remember his quips in order to record them for posterity.)

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