27 June 2014

Weekend linkage


Five hundred years of female portraits in Western art. Guess what happens once we hit Picasso? All the women get really ugly, and it's considered avant-garde. I weep for humanity.


If Upworthy reported on church history.  ("The Council Of Nicea met to discuss the identity of Christ. They had no idea what they were in for!")


Ice cream flavors inspired by six favorite books. Too bad these aren't real.

But you know what are? Candles scented like your favorite books!


Jump jump jump!


Regrettable facts about life in infographic form.


Five reasons why this is the greatest World Cup ever . . . from England's perspective.
If ever we wish to win again at the game we invented, [Rooney] suggested, then we will have to learn to cheat like all the filthy foreigners with their effeminate hairstyles, their casual fouling and their extravagant diving. But obviously we can't do that sort of thing because then we'd look like the kind of people who still live with their mothers and eat garlic on toast and ride around piazzas on mopeds. Which is why we prefer to lose because it shows our national superiority.

Here, something serious for a change. "Is Mocking Women Really the Best Way to Sell Shampoo?" by Mollie Hemingway, who is awesome. (In my opinion, modern-day feminists are unbelievably confused and hypocritical. The mind boggles.)
I’m actually not of the mind that men and women need to act exactly the same in their vocations and relationships. I think that men and women being distinct is a feature, not a bug, of humanity. But if someone is going to change, why do feminists — and the capitalists who adopt their messaging — always seem to think women need to be more like men? Whether it’s about leaning in or not being pregnant or not letting children interfere too much with career or, now, not being polite — why is it always women who have to be more like men and not men who need to be more like women?

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