16 May 2014

Weekend linkage


It was a happy Mother's Day to moi! Some days I still can't believe that I have a baby . . . who is not so much a baby anymore. She is a curious, mischievous, affectionate little girl. (Who, nevertheless, sometimes decides to throw a fit all morning and gets put to bed hours early.)


Humans of New York goes to the Met Gala. Cute.


Mmmm, a gallery of two-ingredient sandwiches from Saveur.


Aww. Prince George is getting a daffodil named after him!


From NRO: "Eat Right and Save the Planet."
What normal person says, “You know, I really need to eat better. I think I’ll go check out the USDA website for diet info.”? Only Washington bureaucrats could be oblivious enough to miss the utter uselessness of the DGAC. Only they could be unaware that the United States has a thriving, $60 billion diet and exercise industry (not to mention a whole host of independent bloggers) that already provides people with a variety of choices and advice on how to get fit and eat nutritiously.

"Parsing Is Such Sweet Sorrow."
If there’s a lesson that Shakespeare’s lovers share with real ones, it’s that the most meaningful interactions may not be textual at all. Romeo and Juliet’s wedding night is not portrayed in the play, for example, and the most important moments in the lives of real-world couples might remain similarly invisible. Which is disappointing if you’re a data scientist or a theatergoer, but perhaps not if you’re a romantic.

What We Et:
Grilled chicken thighs + salad
Shepherd's pie + melon
Turning Island fish + fried potatoes + sauteed veg
Sausage skillet stew + melon
Blueberry pancakes + sausage

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  1. GretchenJoanna16 May, 2014 15:11

    After I read the NRO article I was relieved to find that your post finished with your own family's menu - so much more satisfying.
    This week when I went grocery shopping, a dozen groups of six or eight middle-schoolers with two adults per group were crowding the store, learning how to shop, I suppose. I overheard mention of the Food Groups, and I thought, Isn't that kind of outdated? As the article points out, information on healthy eating is not hard to find. But the disconnect of expecting the poor to eat - or not eat! - for the sake of the environment, is the hardest to fathom.