02 May 2014

Weekend linkage


Ellie has crossed the threshold from "walking is kind of cool" to "WALKING IS AWESOME!!!!" As a result, she can speed from room to room, and get into all sorts of new trouble.

I often say to myself, now, She won't do this forever. Sometimes that is in relation to something cute: She won't always read her books upside down. She won't always think that a bag of coffee beans is the best toy in the world. And sometimes it is in relation to something unpleasant: She won't always scream when I set her down on the floor. Either way, that phrase--she won't do this forever--helps me to treasure a small joy or carry a challenge more easily.


I am (almost) ashamed of how funny I find most Buzzfeed listicles. This one is quite amusing: Socially Awkward Animals. Especially the plotting hamster.


Some links on words: first up, "Bubble Vocabulary." I am ashamed of how large my bubble vocabulary is. And I seriously don't know how to pronounce things. I've said "PHO-to-gra-pher" for photographer, and "REP-tacle" for receptacle. I think this is a drawback of reading so far above my maturity level when I was younger; I got the gist of the story but skipped words I didn't really understand. #humblebrag 

"The Grammar of Clickbait." I hate, hate, hate clickbait. You say I'll never guess what happens next? Yeah? Bet I can.

Rose Wilder giving Laura writing advice. Honestly, I think a lot of what she says is just silly. She thinks too highly of literary tropes, and not far enough outside the box. Just let your mother tell her story, Rose!

"An Eater's Eye View of Literature's Most Iconic Meals." Food and books, all the best things.


Can You Hide From Big Data?


Interesting article on "stay at home mom" versus "homemaker." I have strong and detailed opinions on the whole issue of, um, Women and What to Do With Them . . .  but anyway. I love "homemaker" because it is active (rather than the passive "oh, I just stay at home" image) and it allows room for the great number of activities that may comprise motherhood, wifehood, house-tending, and everything else one might be doing with oneself from day to day . . . much of which takes place outside of the home proper.

I don't agree with most of this author's underlying assumptions, because it's Slate, but the last two paragraphs are quite nice.


Unexpected scenes from the past. The image of modern, Westernized Afghan women of the 50s is haunting, knowing what happened to them later under the Taliban.


Been enjoying Sara Groves.


What We Et:
Baked potato bar (with sausage, broccoli cheddar sauce, and mushrooms) 
Olive oil chicken thighs + creamed spinach + fried potatoes 
Macaroni and cheese from the freezer
Pizza (with chicken, spinach, mushrooms, onions, and peppers) + strawberries 
Lime chicken stirfry + basmati rice

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  1. Speaking of the SAHM v. Homemaker labels--I once told an Official Personage filling out paperwork (Army related I think?) that I was a Homemaker and I was horrified later to look at the form he had filled out and he had written Unemployed. I had half a mind to march back up to him and detail how very employed I am at all times, but I figured it would neither make me feel better nor improve the situation. Anyway, I'd much rather someone thought of me as SAHM rather than Unemployed any day. Anna