25 April 2014

Weekend linkage


Ellie can walk! She doesn't always do it, and usually not when you ask her to, but she can go almost the whole length of the house now.

This week she opened one of my supplement bottles, ate dirt while I worked in the garden, and called 911 on my cell phone. Oh, help.


So many many many links this week.

To make you laugh: Haagen Daaz's stracciatella commercial, the grocery bag scene from Portlandia, the Honest Toddler's reward chart for daddies, and a great one from Wondermark.


Interesting WSJ article on why online retailers still use catalogs.


This is titled "The Unbelievable Way One Woman Gave Birth." I suppose that refers to the laughter that surrounded her delivery. But I think it also refers to how excited the couple was to have a fourth child, and I find it very sad that people would consider that "unbelievable." I grew up in a conservative part of the country, in a church that loves kids, in a family with five awesome siblings, and I still can't get over the fact that a vast section of America considers two children to be the "responsible" number.


This song makes me happy.

In other musical news, Lady Gaga on the organ.


"The Depth of the Problem": a cool but discouraging infographic on just how deep the Malaysian airliner's black box might have gone.


What We Et:
Swedish meatballs + quinoa + green salad
Fish and vegetable curry + brown rice
Roast chicken + mashed potatoes + broccoli with bacon
Pita + spicy meat and chickpeas + cheese, lettuce, avocado, etc
Sausage and rice skillet (with broccoli and balsamic vinegar)

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