05 April 2014

Weekend linkage


My favorite thing about Ellie right now-- apart from her pigtails, and her exuberant love of dirt, and the fact that she sleeps for eleven hours at night-- is that she just started cuddling.

She has never been one to lay her head down or give hugs. But suddenly in the past week, I would pick her up and she'd softly burrow her little nose into my shoulder, actually relaxing in my arms. It is the sweetest. I hope she doesn't stop.


"A Fight Is Brewing": you've got to read it to believe it. Identical twins who can't talk to each other, but who-- separated by the ocean-- make some of the most innovative beers in the world.
As Jeppe sniffed from a bag of Sorachi Ace hops and tasted a new beet-and-licorice-infused beer straight from the fermenting vat, my mind flashed to Mikkel doing the exact same thing across the world, at de Proef — the twins mirroring each other, with an ocean of resentments and recriminations between them.

While we're at it, another interesting NYT foodie article: "Can Anyone Save French Food?"
Suddenly, two years after opening, Verjus is drawing a substantial number of local diners. But hardly any French cooks. “The system in France is that you spend your first nine months washing lettuce in the basement,” Perkins says, comparing that to the autonomy he gives his staff. “I get these guys cooking right away, and the French just can’t take that freedom.”

History lesson of the week: the 1974 attempt to kidnap Princess Anne, and the seven men who tried to protect her.


I've been enjoying this song:


Where everyone in the world is migrating.


What We Et:
Lemon garlic chicken + apple poppyseed slaw + potato salad
Macaroni and cheese (with chicken, mushrooms, and broccoli) + ice cream (Ellie's birthday!) 
Oatmeal pancakes + applesauce + sausage
Chicken stroganoff  + basmati rice + sauteed vegetables
Italian meatloaf + mashed cheesy potatoes + green beans
Roast chicken with pesto + quinoa vegetable pilaf
Spinach bacon quiche + mashed potato pancakes
Chili + cornbread muffins

I do love food. Which is why I'll never be skinny.

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