07 March 2014

Weekend linkage // 7QT #28

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Me: I was just reading something about how Russia's economy is not very forward-thinking. They have a lot of raw resources, but not really a free market for innovation.
Jared: Well, they have Edward Snowden now. Maybe he can start a tech company.


Two pretty cool stories to start out your weekend: a city garden program for teenagers in the Bronx, and "The Soul of the World's Most Expensive Violin."


Best actor? Merits of the host? Nah. The only thing I care about at the Oscars are the pretty dresses. If you too love silk and sequins, here's an infographic up your alley.


I know little to nothing about the Duggars, but I did enjoy this article: 19 Reasons Michelle Duggar Still Loves Her Body. It echoed a lot of the things I've learned over the past year, since having Ellie.
"A child is a gift, and we don’t reject the fact that my body changes. We embrace that gift and we embrace the fact that there will be some changes, there will be some stretch marks."

This would be a long read, but very interesting: a NYT series called "The Task" (I heard about in on Fresh Air). A daughter and her brother sort through their parents' things, essentially sorting through their own history.


Now for the funnies. First up, The List of Things We Do Not Say: journalistic cliches "banned" by reporters at the Washington Post. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

Wait Wait Goes to IKEA. "I'm just telling you the name of the candleholders. They're Bjorkful."

Vanilla Ice Became An Amish Farmer When No One Was Paying Attention. No further comment.


What We Et:
Roast chicken + roasted potatoes + steamed broccoli
Creamy chicken soup + fruit salad
Smitten Kitchen's chicken marsala  + brown rice couscous + green salad
Italian sausage soup
Mexican rice and chicken skillet + avocadoes
Bacon spinach quiche with potato crust + sauteed peppers and onions
Unstuffed cabbage (based on this recipe) + Alexia rolls

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