28 March 2014

Weekend linkage // 7QT #31

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"Are these even legal? I'm going to start PETP: People For the Ethical Treatment of People."
-Jared discovers play yards while browsing Amazon Baby


It was a week of Ellie milestones. Real clapping, drinking from a sippy cup by herself, riding a tricycle (early birthday present from the grands), first cupcake, and first steps!


Cities from a birds' eye view. Bern now tops our European Gallivanting itinerary. It looks like Rivendell, for crying out loud.


More beautiful photographs: Dancers Among Us. Professional dancers displaying their art in everyday situations, from a summer picnic to a city crosswalk.

Note: several of these are staged at the beach, in a fitting room, etc. and utilize the skimpy attire you'd expect for such situations. Exercise your discretion. Also, I would skip #9 and #39 altogether.

The rest of them are so extraordinary that I just decided to link to the site and include a disclaimer. So now you know. :)


"Seventeen Famous Literary Characters Almost Named Something Else." Sherringford Holmes? Can you imagine?


Communication and Negotiation Around the World. These charts are surprisingly funny. (Italians: "Verbose approach, miscomprehension, increase in verbosity." English: "Coded speech, stalling, deadlock, decision at next meeting.")


What We Et:
Barbecue chicken thighs + roasted carrots and potatoes + broccoli
Turkey and lentils over basmati rice + salad
Sausage rice casserole
Taco salad + corn
Turning Island fish + olive oil potato salad + asparagus and peppers

Recipes always available upon request.

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