14 March 2014

Weekend linkage // 7QT #29

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We had some sunshine this week; it was welcome, to say the least. I opened the front door to let more light into the living room, and Ellie of course had to explore this new phenomenon. A window at eye level? Delightful!


In case your ego has been getting too big and is in need of deflation, take a look at this four year old piano whiz. (Yes, he's Asian.) The best part is how delighted he is about the whole thing.


"The Case of the Accidental Superstar." Benedict Cumberbatch and his sudden step into the limelight.
In the street we had to move quickly, because crowds form if Cumberbatch stands still for too long. In the hotel, we positioned ourselves behind a pillar, but people spotted him anyway (when they asked for autographs, they invariably asked on behalf of their teenage children).

Middle class problems? This gave me a chuckle. I'm not much into the "ironic" First World Problems meme, as it's more of an attempt to alleviate our vague sense of Western guilt-- I have more stuff than you, and therefore I should probably make fun of myself, so you can see how self-aware and progressive I am-- than it is a serious tool for discussion. But the drama-queen images paired with these complaints are perfect.


A different kind of Barbie. I'm not much into the "Barbie gives girls anorexia" argument either. I simply like these dolls because they're prettier! When I was younger I would rather have played with Lammily dolls than Barbies, who are just freaky, not to mention absurdly sexualized.


If you missed it earlier this week, I wrote a guest post at The Mirror Magazine.


What We Et:
Pasta carbonara with sausage, spinach, mushrooms, and peas
Dutch babies (made with King Arthur gluten-free AP flour) +  blueberry yogurt + fresh blackberries
Coconut chicken curry + basmati rice + steamed broccoli + chocolate chip cookies (I despise cookie-making, but it was Jared's birthday and the delighted look on his face when he got home from work more than redeemed the trouble)
Salmon cakes + roasted potatoes + veggies and dip
Skillet stew with ground turkey, navy beans, onions, green beans, potatoes, and pesto

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  1. We should all have the fascination with life that a one year old has.
    To see or learn or experience something new every day should be a goal.
    even the small things, can bring joy and amazement if we keep our eye and mind open.