21 March 2014

Weekend linkage // 7QT #30

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"You can stand there and see if you look fat. Or you can just ask me, and you are not."
-upon finding his wife critically inspecting her reflection

"It's really not that cold. No matter how much you squeak."
-as I burrowed under the covers making disapproving noises


Ellie is working on clapping, which comes close to topping the list of Cutest Stuff She Has Ever Done. At first she just vaguely put her hands together (missing half the time), then she started getting better aim, and then one day she could do it with enough force to make a tiny noise. She now does it every time I put my hands together, even if it's because I am rubbing cream into my palms or adjusting my rings.


A few funny things to start off the links: a man writes his own goofy obituary, a website devoted to unnecessary quotation marks, and Benedict photobombing U2.


"Quit Bubble Wrapping Our Kids," a great Cato talk from Lenore Skenazy. And to follow up, an NPR piece in the same vein. See, sometimes libertarians and liberals agree? On the problem anyway. Probably not on the solution.


This is a long, extremely intriguing article: "Reaching My Autistic Son Through Disney." I love how we're starting to understand what autism is, how it shapes the autistic person's mind, instead of just throwing up our hands and putting him in an institution.


I have been working a lot on closing the gap in my abdominal muscles (diastasis recti) that I got from pregnancy. If you too have been pregnant recently and now have an adorable sack of potatoes to lug around, here are some good suggestions for how to carry children without ruining your posture.


What We Et:
Shrimp alfredo (with shrimp) + caesar salad + Turkey Hill salted caramel ice cream
Shepherd's pie from the freezer + fruit salad
Baked chicken with Spicy Rub + spaghetti squash with ricotta and fontina + steamed green beans
Fish a la greque (using flounder) + quinoa
Fried rice with chicken and veggies

Recipes always available upon request. :)

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