21 February 2014

Weekend linkage // 7QT #26

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The ladies dressed up for Valentines' Day. :) Rather than going out for the evening, Jared and I put Ellie to bed and enjoyed a late dinner at our own candlelit table. I'm a total homebody, and eating lasagna that I made myself-- without other diners' cell phone conversations, or a waiter's constant inquiries, or outrageously priced creme brulee to tempt me afterwards-- makes me quite happy.


Tired of Olympic sob stories? Wondermark has better ideas.


Doodling on a subway commute, and slyly overlaying your fellow commuters with those doodles, generates some hilarious images. "Thor. This Hulk. Hulk be late to office. No eat Hulk's bagel."

Here's a fascinating clip about photoshopping real women into cover models. You may be surprised by their reactions: ". . . there's not much left of who you really are."


I just stumbled across this: Six Word Memoirs. Clever and interesting idea, I think, and well suited to those with a zany sense of humor. "Have your elephant call my elephant."


The persecution of John Yudkin, the man who tried to warn us about sugar in the 1970s.

Forget sugar: how about some champagne? Here's a great segment from The Splendid Table on Winston Churchill's "working dinners."


Speaking of food, here's What We Et:
Creamy parmesan chicken + bread + green bean and tomato salad + fruit salad (this was for company and they brought half of it, so be ye not overly impressed)
Chicken pot pie (with gluten free biscuits based on this recipe) + applesauce
Taco salad + blueberry cobbler
Skillet stew (sausage, chickpeas red bell pepper, green beans, potatoes)
Bacon and broccoli frittata + cinnamon citrus salad
Cilantro chicken stir fry (from Rachel Allen's Favorite Food at Home) + fried rice

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