07 February 2014

Weekend linkage // 7QT #24

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Nice Older Lady: What a beautiful baby! With such round cheeks!
Me: We do think her chub is pretty cute. 
Nice Older Lady: Do you know what percentile she's in? 
Me: Umm, I do not. 
Nice Older Lady: That's all right. They can usually tell you at the pediatrician's office.

(I didn't have the heart to inform her that Ellie hasn't seen a pediatrician since she was five weeks old.)


Will you be watching the opening ceremony tonight? We will, though odds are at least one of us will fall asleep before the sweaters of doom make their appearance. Anyway, here are eighteen athletes going as the lone representatives of their countries.


From The New Yorker: what is the allure of the map, and how does it intersect with writing?


Two sermons that God has really used in my life lately: "The Man the King Delights to Honor" by Tim Keller from Redeemer Presbyterian, and "Psalms for Life: Psalm 147" by Kurt Weaver, from my own church.


"America the Offended."
If someone insults me for who I am or what I believe, I don’t get hurt feelings, I just think that person is lame. Obviously he’s in the wrong, because I’m awesome. (Of my many admirable traits, humility is the greatest.)

No comment.


Are the pesticides used to grow organic food truly worse than conventional?

Speaking of food, I thought I might start sharing my weekly menu plan retroactively (since I don't always follow the plan, it will be more accurate to tell you what actually happened instead of what the calendar says will happen). It's a way to share good recipes and, hopefully, give you some new ideas!

So here's what we et for dinner: 
Taco salad (ground turkey, avocadoes, olives, the works)
Chicken divan + fresh snow peas
Turkey sausage and homemade sauerkraut + olive oil mashed potatoes + salad
Baked chicken thighs (seasoned with ras al hanout and blood orange olive oil) + roast brussels sprouts and mushrooms + spaghetti squash with olive oil and garlic
Southwest Taco Soup (with chicken instead of ground beef) + sliced mango


  1. A lady stopped me in the grocery store today to ask if I knew about the dangers of vaccinations...I told her "yes", and that I'm still working on research. She was very thankful, and I really wanted to know her story...because her face was absolutely gray.
    Babies make for some interesting encounters sometimes....

  2. Babies seem to make everyone bolder-- strangers come up to you and say things that they wouldn't say without the baby's being there! I would have liked to hear her story too.