10 February 2014

come ye, come ye: Pride and Prejudice in March

The Lancaster Academy for the Performing Arts-- with which three of my siblings study and perform-- is mounting a production of Pride and Prejudice next month.

It will be way good. For tickets, contact admin@lancasteracademy.org.
"If I were as rich as Mr. Darcy," cried a young Lucas, who came with his sisters, "I should not care how proud I was. I would keep a pack of foxhounds, and drink a bottle of wine a day."
"Then you would drink a great deal more than you ought," said Mrs. Bennet; "and if I were to see you at it, I should take away your bottle directly."


  1. I'm taking you are going? which show? it would be fun to go together.

  2. Yes! We'll be at the Sunday evening show.

  3. Which of your siblings are in this and what part do they have?

  4. It's just Matthew this year... he is Mr Darcy. :)

  5. Wow, what a part!!!!! Can not wait to see this!!!! :) :)