17 February 2014

ahoy, discoveries! vol. 16 [kitchenware edition]

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1) I feel that a sturdy pair of shears is a kitchen essential. My Wusthof shears can easily cut the backbone out of a chicken, and when you roast butterflied chicken as often as I do . . . well. They come apart for washing (or for curling ribbon, another key household task).

2) Our two Nordic Ware half-sheet pans get regular use, for anything from nachos to roasted broccoli. I typically line them with parchment paper, but I do want a Silpat. The pans never warp, unlike the disappointing pieces we had from Pampered Chef.

Ellie will never be able to use this excuse.

Speaking of Pampered Chef, here's a piece you should buy from them: a stoneware muffin pan. It makes the best muffins, always and forever.

3) I'm obsessed with my enormous cast iron skillet. Treat her right and she'll be virtually nonstick. Eggs cooked in cast iron taste heaps better than in Teflon. This one is also big enough for my ambitious batches of curry, or a hefty pot roast with vegetables.

(Make sure that you get a cover for the handle, or you'll be nursing some nasty burns. I also use this stainless steel lid.)

4) If you, as we do, lack a dishwasher . . . you should pick up a Dual Dish Drying Mat or two. So much better than soggy towels.

5) I have a large collection of utensils, but there are some I actually love. OXO's Pastry Scraper is perfect for cutting long straight lines in coffee cake, crackers, or energy bars, then lifting them with minimal crumbling.

Rada's small stainless steel spatula is perfect for similar cutting/lifting tasks, not to mention flipping crab cakes, frying eggs, or caramelizing onions. I need another one.

Pampered Chef's bamboo spoons are incredibly sturdy; I don't use the short one but the two long ones in the set really get put through their paces.

Any favorites to recommend? Utensils, pans, knives, and other goodies that you just couldn't cook without? Hit me up.


  1. I'm a huge fan of these baking mats.


  2. A stoneware muffin pan!! My mind has been blown! I'm definitely going to look for one now, what a great idea!

  3. I have never heard of that dish drying mat! Must google...

  4. Love all those recommendations!